Apply Facebook AI Udacity/ PyTorch Scholarship Challenge 2019


Apply Facebook AI Udacity/ PyTorch Scholarship Challenge 2019. Train smarter AI models by learning to safely and securely use distributed private data with differential privacy, federated learning, and encrypted computation techniques. Apply for a Challenge Scholarship for the chance to participate in a vibrant student community and to earn one of 300 follow-up Nanodegree scholarships to continue your education with PyTorch and other deep learning tools.


How it Works

This scholarship is open to all applicants interested in learning how to apply privacy-preserving techniques to deep learning. Applicants 18 years of age or older are invited to apply.

They will review all applications and select recipients to participate in the scholarship challenge course. This is where your learning begins! Recipients will spend 3 months building powerful deep learning models with PyTorch and other tools. The “Secure and Private AI” challenge course is intended for students with some experience in Python and deep learning, which you can read about in more detail below.

Once the course has begun, participants can study on their own schedule as long as they complete the course in the predefined time. Complete access to the course, directly in the classroom, is available 24 hours a day. We understand that students have different schedules and will work on their course at different times and on different days. What’s important is that students make constant progress each and every week, and successfully complete all the content before the end of the course.

Apply Facebook AI Udacity/ PyTorch Scholarship Challenge 2019

Eligibility for the scholarship

this scholarship is for everybody who which to expand his/her horizon on Artificial intelligence skill, who is at least 18 years of age, and who possesses intermediate Python knowledge. Udacity will evaluate applications with a view to selecting recipients who possess:

  • Diversity of perspective and experience
  • Goal orientation, and the desire to make an impact
  • Demonstrated determination and grit
  • Willingness to dedicate sufficient time to their studies
  • Prerequisite knowledge where relevant

criterion for non degree scholarship

  • Successful completion of the Challenge Course
  • Level of participation and support of classmates in the student community
  • Re-assessment of essays from the original scholarship application
  • All the selection criteria used in Phase 1

facebook udacity challenge scholarship 2019


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